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The filter bubble and how we’re going to beat it

Humans love having their opinions confirmed. It makes us feel part of a community; understood – even loved. Parallel to digitalisation and the automated filtering of the incredible amount of information available to us online, this human instinct becomes an instigator for what’s referred to as a digital filter bubble.  Information consumption in 2020 If […]

How are AI generated stories written?

One of the most exciting developments in news production is the introduction of artificial intelligence. As a notion, it’s as ground-breaking as it is terrifying. On the one hand, it means software that can write news that is unbiased, factually accurate, and continuously updated. On the other, it’s an evolution that disrupts the status quo. […]

The Ansofy guide to spotting fake news stories

The fake news phenomenon has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the past decade. During the US presidential election of 2016, a combined 3.8 million individuals engaged with the top five fake news stories published on Facebook on the race. Since then, the winner of that election, President Donald Trump, has popularised […]