All news. All you.

Ansofy is here to save the world of independent, honest and truthful information exchange with a revolutionary news app. We give power back to the readers by providing you with the one thing that’s missing from today’s media streams: Choice.


It’s your world – it should be your news. Our mission is to revolutionise the way you access, filter and take in headlines from across the globe.

By letting you build your own newspaper based on locality, topic, category and publication source, we’ve created a space where personalised news consumption can thrive. How you want to read the news is up to you. Looking for national papers only? After sports from Latin America, but international news according to the Sydney Morning Herald? We’ve got you covered. Ansofy is made for the news enthusiast who wants to consume information on their own terms.


Ansofy is disruptive at heart. We want to give the power of news readership back to the individuals that actually absorb the information. You select the publishers you want to read. You choose the categories. You decide which personal information you want to share with advertisers and media houses. It’s all news – all you.

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or suggestions for improvement. Together we’ll create an even better Ansofy.

Our core values


In order to see the bigger picture, you have to appreciate what a global community actually means. Billions of individuals, millions of words, thousands of news publishers. We understand that mutuality in the Ansofy community is key to our success and development. That’s why we respect our readers, the media we aggregate and the journalists that produce good news. If we’re going to change the world of information exchange, we’re going to do it together.


It’s about honesty; about data privacy; about allowing a space for everyone, wherever they may be. Integrity is an unwavering Ansofy attribute – one that makes us unique, particularly in the media space. We’re always honest about what we do, and how we go about doing it. We never collect information you don’t want us to collect. Our platform is open to information exchange from all corners of the globe, and does not discriminate.


We are pioneers. Breaking new ground, challenging the status quo, and relentlessly searching for the best possible solutions will always guide the decisions and strategic developments at Ansofy. Our application is a living, breathing entity. It will evolve in symbiosis with its users and news publishers. We’re always looking forward, always with a global perspective.

Continuous development

Ansofy will upgrade continuously and offer more and more features. Right now: We prepare for more Swedish sources and the implementation of other languages. The reader can choose how many languages they want in their feeds. Soon, we’ll offer AI-written summaries of top news from around the world.

Our Team

Ansofy har varit ett väldigt tidseffektivt sätt för mig att läsa nyheter som intresserar mig personligen. 5/5 ger jag denna app // Anton

Mycket bra app. Ger bra personliga nyheter.

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